EPRI Condensate Polishing Conference 2011

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For over half a century Graver has been the leader in CONDENSATE POLISHING (CP) for the power generation market.  With CP installations worldwide, Graver Technologies supports and develops new technology for this critical application. Graver supplies both kinetically superior powdered ion exchange and septa products for the Powdex® process as well as a complete line of nuclear grade ion exchange resins designed specifically for high purity applications.

In addition to supporting Graver installations, technology is available for all OEM CP installations.  With advanced generation SEPTA for both IX and particulate filtration Graver can adapt them to any installation configuration.  With company offices in the US, Europe and Asia as well as a network of global distributors, Graver Technologies can service your CP needs around the corner or around the world.

Please visit our site for more information about our technologies and products. For new CP installations visit our Marmon Water sister company, Graver Water Systems at For nuclear applications visit Graver Water Nuclear at

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