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Air & Gas Filters Overview

» OEM Custom Designed Filters Custom designed elements for OEM manufacturers
» HEPA Filters Panel and radial designed elements rated for .3um
» Gas Turbine Air Intake Pre Filters Pre-filter designs for gas turbine air intakes
» Nitric Acid Filters Designed to capture precious metals
» Compressed Air & Gas Filters Protects down stream equipment from abrasive solids
» Compressed Air & Gas Filters / Separators Remove liquids and solids from compressed gases
» Vacuum Exhaust Filters Exhaust units to remove visible oil and smoke plume
» Vacuum Filters Protect valuable vacuum pump equipment
» Air Intake Filters Protects compressors and blowers from airborne particles
» PLEKX® Filters – Highly uniform composite media designed to adsorb gases and odors

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