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Metsorb®, Graver Technologies's unique filter media, has demonstrated four to ten times the operating capacity for arsenic reduction in side-by-side tests with other leading adsorptive media.

Made for Small and Large Water Systems
Available in powder or granular form, this proven technology has been developed for use in small systems at the point of entry for the whole house as well as point of use for pitcher and faucet water filtration systems. Metsorb® rapidly removes arsenic, lead, and other heavy metals from drinking water at a lower cost and higher capacity than any other media on the market today.

When water passes through MetSorb, contaminants are adsorbed from the water and remain bonded to the throwaway media. MetSorb can be used in a cartridge or similar small housing and can be sold to consumers as part of a water filtration system.

MetSorb can also be used in systems for removal of a wide variety of heavy metals from contaminated water or process streams. This includes, arsenic, cadmium, copper, chromium, lead, mercury, zinc, and others.

Metsorb® can reduce these impurities:

Arsenic III & V
Depleted Uranium
Other Heavy Metals

Rapid, Effective Removal of Heavy Metals
Test results prove that MetSorb is more effective in the removal of arsenic than any other media under development today. Our innovative technology also removes the highest levels of lead. Until now, there have been no products on the market that remove both lead and arsenic from water at the efficiencies demonstrated by MetSorb.

Measurable Results
Gravertech's adsorptive filtration media removes a wide range of heavy metals under a wide range of concentrations, with individual units handling flows up to hundreds of gallons-per-minute, and concentrations up to the high parts per million levels (ppm).

Immeasurable Results
The peace of mind that comes with knowing your drinking water is virtually free of arsenic and other dangerous heavy metals.

» Download the Metsorb® HMRG & HMRP Data Sheets

MetSorb™ HMRP (Heavy Metal Removal Powder)
MetSorb™ HMRG (Heavy Metal Removal Granules)
Metsorb® Highest Performance in Heavy Metals Reduction at the Lowest Cost
MetSorb™ HMRG (Heavy Metal Removal Granules) Outperforms Competitive Products

» Download the Metsorb® Case Studies
Arsenic Removal from Drinking Water
Hopewell Township, New Jersey
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Depleted Uranium (DU) Removal from
Wastewater US Army
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East Amwell MetSorb™ HMRG Installation
East Amwell Grammar School
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Metsorb® HMRG Provides Critical Heavy Metal Removal Performace for Bilge Water Treatment System
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Award Winning Metsorb® Arsenic Treatment Installation In Arizona!!
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