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MetSorb™ Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) Report

Performance Evaluation

Graver Technologies was invited by a local municipality to participate with an arsenic removal performance evaluation using their HMRG 16/60 absorptive media filter system.  The source water was untreated groundwater from one of the municipal wells.  The influent, with a historical total arsenic concentration of 12 ppb (µg/L), neutral pH, and TCE contamination, received no treatment or chemical addition prior to entering the Graver ZeroMET arsenic treatment system.  The ZeroMET™ filter removed arsenic from the influent to less than 5 ppb after three months of continuous service @ 10 gpm or 60,000 bed volumes (1.4-1.5 MM gallons).  The target MCL for the evaluation was 5 ppb, but the evaluation was continued for another three months treating a total of 2.87 MM gallons of influent.  The effluent arsenic concentration was 7.8 ppb, still below the Federal MCL of 10 ppb.

Spent Media Analysis

With the end of the evaluation, a composite sample of spent media was prepared for TCLP analysis to confirm the spent media had no toxicity and was safe for landfill disposal.  Atlantic Coast Laboratories conducted the TCLP analysis whose results are detailed in Appendix A.  Arsenic was not detected in the TCLP of the spent media.  The TCLP did detect barium but at a concentration less than the regulatory limit.

Visual comparison of the spent media and fresh media yielded no physical degradation.  The particle size distributions were similar with fewer fines in the spent media.  The reduction in fines is attributed to the backwashing of the media at the startup of the filter.

Spent HMRG TCLP Results


Reporting Limits
Arsenic ND 0.1
Barium 17 0.1
Cadmium ND 0.1
Chromium ND 0.1
Copper ND 0.1
Lead ND 0.1
Mercury ND 0.002
Selenium ND 0.1
Silver ND 0.1
ND= Non-Detect

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