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Stevens Institute of Technology, founded in 1870, offers baccalaureate and postgraduate degrees in engineering, science, computer science, and management. In addition, it offers a baccalaureate degree in the humanities and liberal arts. The university has 1550 undergraduate and 2600 graduate students and a full-time faculty of 120. $15 million a year is focused in areas of research such as environmental engineering, maritime engineering and port security, design and manufacturing, biopolymer research, secure network design, and K-12 teacher education in science and engineering.

Center for Environmental Systems (CES) at Stevens Institute of Technology develops environmental technology for remediation and abatement of pollution in water, soil, and air and clean technology that eliminates or minimizes the environmental impact of industrial developments. CEE operates the James C. Nicoll, Jr. Environmental Laboratory, a state-of-the-art experimental facility with unique process and analytical capabilities. The Center's hundreds of projects include: development of a biological permeable barrier for refinery groundwater treatment; technology for waste processing in space; technology for on-site treatment of contaminated river sediment, and a nonthermal plasma technology for destruction of a variety of toxic and greenhouse gases.

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