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Metsorb® Arsenic & Lead Removal Media
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Point of Service
MetSorb HMRG is useful for small communities, trailer parks, schools, commercial and industrial business parks down to individual and/or small facilities and office buildings. MetSorb HMRG is loaded into fixed-bed absorbers (tanks) through which the source water is passed, resulting in reduction of the arsenic content. Product water meets the EPA guidelines for drinking uses.

Point of Entry
Targeted use is for individual homeowners either on private wells or on municipal water still desiring extra treatment. Arsenic reduction can be combined with other typical point -of – entry services like water softening, iron or sulfur reduction.

Point of Use
Counter top and under counter pressure filters using either carbon blocks or granular media. For granular media applications, MetSorb HMRG (granules) are typically used in conjunction with GAC to combine arsenic reduction with carbon’s chlorine, taste and odor performance. For carbon blocks, MetSorb HMRG and HMRP can be admixed with carbon and the appropriate binders to form pressed or extruded multi-functional carbon blocks. The resulting devices are commonly submitted to NSF by their manufacturers for certification under appropriate guidelines.

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