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Aegis®DualGuard I® Condensate Polishing Septa

Graver Technologies’ DualGuard I elements are engineered for systems that require a uniform precoat on the outer surface of the septa, providing an effective removal of iron oxide particles while still allowing for an effective backwash. The all polypropylene constructed element has two distinct zones. The outer zone is a multistring wound surface ideal for precoating in either a thin or a full layer resin precoat and the inner zone is pleated polypropylene with a fixed pore media. The inner pleated filter media is available in a variety of micron grades to meet specific requirements of the condensate system. The element is available in most end cap connections

The optimum precoat surface allows for the distribution and sustainability of an evenly thin layer precoat for optimum performance

Preocatable with a full or thin layer of powdered resin

Available in various outside diameters

Fixed pore construction eliminates dirt unloading as differential pressure increases

High surface area of pleated media

Removal efficiency rated

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