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PLEKX® is a highly uniform composite media designed to adsorb gases and odors

Available in bulk rolls, as pleated extended surface filters, flat sheet filters, or wrapped filters and a wide array of configurations

Active ingredient >82% of the media by weight to maximize adsorption and performance

Conventional adsorption product is coconut shell carbon, but can be boosted with chemical impregnations for higher efficiency in critical gas applications

Flexible, yet non-dusting

Can be co-pleated with our HEPAfine® and ULPAfine® media to produce dual-functional filtration to remove particulate AND odor/gases

Considered a replacement for carbon beds

Typical Applications

» Medical and surgical source capture (laser odors, disinfection odors, etc)
» Industrial vacuum cleaner filters and room air cleaners
» Personal protection (masks, cabin-air filters, military environments, etc)
» Smoke/fume exhaust filters

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