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Ecosorb® Multi-Functional Purification Media
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Ecosorb® S-Series
For Food / Beverage Processing

For purification of food and beverage ingredients and finished products, including decolorization, removal of undesirable taste and odor compounds, and the removal of cations, anions, and organic contaminants.

Uses include purification of cane and beet sugar, soft drink syrups, high fructose corn syrup, sorbitol,  wine and juice, distilled spirits, hydrolyzed proteins, and a variety of other products.  Can be used as a complete or partial replacement for PAC (powdered activated carbon) and filter aid body feed or as a supplement for existing IEX, GAC, or bone char decolorization columns.


» GTX 309: Ecosorb Products for Sugar
» GTX 234: Ecosorb Products for Bottling Syrup
» GTX 234A: The Ideal Solution for Reclaiming Sugar
» S-405 Data Sheet - liquid sugar
» S-406 Data Sheet - wine, juice, distilled spirits, proteins
» S-407 Data Sheet - liquid sugar - maximum PAC content
» S-426 Data Sheet - soft drink bottling syrup
» S-429 Data Sheet - tapioca starch
» S-441 Data Sheet - sugar melt liquor clarified sugar in sugar refining process
» S-462 Data Sheet - Ca+, other divalent heavy metals reduction
» S-481 Data Sheet - superior combination of excellent filtration characteristics and maximum color removal
» S-489 Data Sheet - maximum color removal capacity

Liquid Sugar before & After Decolorization

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