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Ecosorb® C-Series
For Pharmaceutical Processing

Designed for purification and separation of pharmaceutical API's and intermediates.  Ecosorb C Series products are formulated to address various process purification demands in both organic and aqueous systems.  Their dust-free nature (for products designed for aqueous systems) and ability to be used in precoat and/or deep bed operating mode, greatly reduces housekeeping and product contamination issues.  Precoat or deep bed operation eliminates the need for contaminating a stirred reaction vessel and simplifies the recovery of precious metal catalyst (see article in Vol 9, No. 2, 2005, p 198-205, of "Organic Process Research & Development"; "Adsorbent Screening for Metal Impurity Removal in Pharmaceutical Process Research"). 

Ecosorb C Series products  are particularly well-suited for:

Removing reaction by-product contaminants 

Removing color bodies

Recovering chelated and homogeneous precious metals, including Pd, Pt, Rh,
and Ru

Purifying prior to crystallization to increase yields

Removing organic contaminants from natural products and semi synthetic compounds

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» GTX 304: Ecosorb Products for Pharmaceutical Purification
» GTX 304A Ecosorb Pharmaceutical Products Selection Guide
» C-906 Data Sheet - color, reaction by-products
» C-910 Data Sheet - PM catalysts, Pd, color, reaction by-products
» C-941 Data Sheet - PM catalysts
» C-944 Data Sheet - PM catalysts
» C-947 Data Sheet - PM catalysts
» C-950 Data Sheet - Color, Polar contaminants
» C-952 Data Sheet - Color, Polar contaminants
» C-971 Data Sheet - divalent heavy metals cations
» C-981 Data Sheet - color, contaminants from fermentation broth, Anionic contaminants

Lab Deep Bed Operation

Deep Bed Column in Commercial
Pharmaceutical Operation

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