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Liquid Radioactive Waste Treatment

Nuclear plants treat their liquid radwaste onsite.  Many plants use a specialized radwaste treatment company to process the radwaste and several plants operate their own systems.  Some of these original systems include Powdex precoat vessels followed by ion exchange deep beds.  Radwaste processers erect trains of small vessels containing some or all of the following:  Granular Carbon, Cation exchange resin, Anion exchange resin, Mixed bed ion exchange, and a polishing cartridge filter housing.  A few systems also include reverse osmosis.  The standard cartridge filters have been replaced in some cases with a specialty cartridge containing Graver Technologies’ radionuclide selective media.  A Graver product is available to enhance the performance of each phase of radwaste processing. 

Ecodex products provide simultaneous precoat filtration, deionization, and radionuclide reduction
Gravex individual resins and mixed beds give excellent performance and longer runlength
Radionuclide selective polishing cartridges achieve MDA water to allow reuse or discharge
Radionuclide selective granular media allows plants to tailor processing to their individual radwaste processing needs

Graver Product Selection

Product Application Area
Ecodex P-202-H High capacity powdered mixed bed
Aegis SS precoat septa Permits good precoat uniformity
Gravex GR 1-0 SG High capacity anion exchange resin
Gravex GR 2-0 SG High capacity cation exchange resin
Gravex GR 3-0 SG Stoichiometric mixed bed
Radex Sb 1000 Antimony selective granular media
Radex Cs FLIP & Co FLIP Cesium and Cobalt selective cartridges
Radex Cs Floc & Co Floc Powdered selective media
Radex GX182 Highly macroporous anion for cobalt reduction
Radex GX193 Macroporous cation for iron reduction
Granular Carbon GAC for organic reduction prior to ion exchange

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