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Surface Finishing

Ecosorb multifunctional adsorbent products are more effective than PAC (powdered activated carbon) in removing many contaminants, are dust-free, and provide superior filtration characteristics, often allowing complete elimination of diatomaceous earth body feed.

Typical applications include:

In-line, continuous purification of nickel plating bath solutions to reduce levels of organic brightener break down -products
Adsorption of residual lubricating oils and other organics from parts washing solutions
Adsorption of chelated metals from metal finishing waste water

Application Notes/Case Studies
GD 103: Ecosorb Products for Wastewater
GD 105: Ecosorb W Product Selection Guide
GD 106: Ecosorb W-714
GD 107: Ecosorb Metal Finishing Case Study
Data Sheets
W-701 Data Sheet
W-705 Data Sheet
W-709 Data Sheet
W-714 Data Sheet
W-762 Data Sheet

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