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Nitric Acid – Precious Metal Recovery

Fertilizer and explosive manufacturers realize the importance of capturing precious metals used in the production process. Graver Technologies unique filter design allows plant operators to control the recovered precious materials.  When using the Graver Technologies design, the plant operations personnel do not have to send the entire filter assembly to a refiner to capture the recovered materials.  The operations group can do the change out at the facility saving valuable time and resources during a plant turn around. 

The faster a plant can reclaim the captured material, the sooner you can return the investment to the company.

The Graver Technologies system can reduce the time from plant to refiner and back.
The Graver Technology filter system keeps you in control.
Pleat packs are adaptable to existing cages design with slight modifications to the cage. 
Once modified, the cages easily allow the plant operators to change the packs at the site.
Products are available for both liquid and gas phase operations.

Product Application Area
Gas Phase Filters For the capturing of suspended particles in a liquid nitric acid flow.
Liquid Phase Filters For the capturing of platinum, rhodium & palladium particles releasing from a catalytic gauze.
Hot Air Filter - CP Series For removal of particles from high temperature air used for the production of nitric acid. 
Air Intake – PFS For the prevention and removal of airborne particles prior to an air compressor. 

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